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Here's your opportunity to come savor the bounty of our local peach harvest and visit the grounds of six exquisite homes in Lexington. Hear the history and stories behind each...from a front porch perspective. Your "porch guide" will be garbed in period attire, adding a touch of realism to each stop on your tour. Porch tours do not include home interiors. In addition, your $10 tour ticket includes live music, garden tours (at some locations) and discounts on peach-themed treats.

Celebrate Our Harvest. Share Our History.

Hospitality of Historic Proportions.


Stier - 1621 Franklin:  Italianate home with great ornamentation. Built for Marquis Withers by Lexington builder, John Ellison Cheatham, whose signature blind window detail is featured on the rear side of home. The property also includes an intact summer kitchen/carriage house.


Bonanomi - 1006 Highland Avenue:  Named the Butternut House by nationally known textile artist, Maggie Bonanomi, this 1840s Greek Revival side-hall plan was once the home of Stephen Wentworth, founder of the academy which bears his name.


Sokolik - 1525 South Street:  Wonderful Greek Revival center-hall plan built in the 1850s and reduced in size around 1900. During the Battle of Lexington, Samuel Churchill Clark had a cannon battery set up at this site.


Worthington - 1611 South Street:  The oldest brick home in Lexington, this property dates to 1836. It was built by John Waddell, whose son, William, was one of the Pony Express Founders. This center-hall Greek Revival has a notable Greek meander on the frieze.


Calvert - 1408 Franklin Avenue:  Simple Italianate home, built in 1866 for George F. King. Another fine example of John E. Cheatham’s work, the home features his signature blind window on the side and a wonderful two-story veranda. The home was partially built on the foundation of an older house.


Neer - 608 Highland Avenue: 1840s center-hall Greek Revival, owned in its early years by Dr. William P. Boulware. This home later hosted the funeral of Dr. Bennett Clark Hyde, alleged murderer of Colonel Thomas Swope and other family members in Independence, Missouri.

Here's your opportunity to visit six exquisite homes in Lexington and hear the history and stories behind each...from the front porch perspective. Your "porch guide" will be garbed in authentic period attire to add a touch of realism to each stop on your tour. This is a relaxing, tour-at-your-own-pace way to learn the history of homes from Lexington's past.  Your $10 tour fee includes a porch map of participating homes, gardens and musician locations.

If Only Lexington's Porches Could Talk...

On July 16th, They Will.

If Only Lexington's Porches Could Talk...

On July 16th, They Will.

Your Tour Begins on Lexington's


Your Tour Begins on Lexington's


Lexington’s iconic landmark is your starting point. Purchase tickets here for only $10 per person.

As the first stop on your tour, you’ll learn about the oldest working courthouse West of the Mississippi, how it came to be, its architectural style and the story of that cannonball! You’ll also get to enjoy some great music by local artist Kerry Beach.

Since you’re already in the central business district in town, be sure take some time before or after your tour and explore our diverse shops on Main Street, many are housed in various architectural styles. Welcome!

Porches & Peaches Musician Lineup

Kasey Rausch - Acoustic Guitar; Original and Classic County Folk - Playing at 608 Highland

Rob Nold - Fiddle & Guitar; Traditional American Folk music - Playing at 1006 Highland

Rick Johnson - Banjo; Appalachian Music - Playing at 1621 Franklin

Jim Herbert - Acoustic Blues - Playing at 1611 South Street

Roger Brant - Guitar & Mandolin; Bluegrass, folk, acoustic eclectic fusion - Playing at 1525 South Street

Kelly Hunt - Tenor Banjo; Folk, blues & Appalachian musical traditions - Playing at 1408 Franklin

We'll String You Along with some Great Music..

Organized and assembled by accomplished musician Rob Nold, your porch tour includes performances by regional acoustic musicians who will be playing throughout the tour at the porches along your tour.

You'll discover that the music is as diverse as the stories of our historic porch tour homes!

We'll String You Along with some Great Music.

Stunning Gardens in Living Color.

Stunning Gardens in Living Color.

It takes a great eye. Bold strokes of color. Symmetry. Texture. Several porch locations along the tour will invite you to visit beautiful, award-winning garden areas. See the living art of our gardens in living color.

Plan your day around a short and beautiful scenic drive along Highway 24. Stop by one of six nearby wineries, find fresh fruit (think peaches!) & veggies at roadside stands or visit historic sites and venues along the way. There's plenty to see and do on your way to Lexington!


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Traveling to Lexington from Kansas City?

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